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Cold drawn guide rails

MONTEFERRO introduced cold drawn processing into the guide rail market at the end of the 40′s. Through continuous improvements and optimization in co-operation with the rolling mill, today on the market is available a complete range of cold drawn guide rails from 3 Kg/mt to 14 Kg/mt for application below two meters per second (400 feet for minute) and for average load capacity

Machined guide rails

MONTEFERRO machined guide rail product range includes rails from 8 Kg/mt to 50 Kg/mt for usage in high load, high frequency, high speed and special applications. MONTEFERRO factories work towards a common standard, providing an enhanced riding surface

High speed guide rails

For all major sizes of machined guide rails according to ISO, JIS and other standards as well as for Customer specific standard, reduced tolerances and special requirements are offered based on ride comfort and elevator speed application from around 4 m/sec to over 10 m/sec. MONTEFERRO High Quality and Match guide rails have set a standard for this demanding market